AMABILE: Montreal’s Joie de Vivre


Huddle with friends at the local café or simply contemplate life by yourself on a terrasse. Montreal - Joie de vivre through the language of café A medium roasted espresso with flowery notes, our Amabile is just the right blend for you, if you enjoy: Light-Medium Strength coffee High [Read more...]

Welcome to Lavica

Lavica capsules with L mug

Every morning starts with a ritual.  Whether you’re jolted into consciousness by a blaring alarm, or soothed into waking by the warm stream of a shower, most days begin with a multitude of tasks that won’t get accomplished until you’re both mentally and physically ready to face them head on. To fuel [Read more...]

Avocado Smash Breakfast

This breakfast is very easy to prepare and pairs perfectly with a hot latte.  It reminds me of the fresh and healthy dishes served at breakfast restaurants in Sydney.  While this recipe is delicious as-is, you can elevate it to "foodie" status with the addition of a poached egg.  

Hosting Parties


Christmas is fast approaching, and along with it, many festive gatherings.  We put together a little checklist of essentials to make make hosting a piece of cake.  These little details, simple as they may seem, will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In the living room, place pillows on the [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

1- Colored enamel mugs 2 - Mood mugs 3 - Capsules jars 4 - Ceramic chalkboard [Read more...]